Hello again! :)
How can i put a Captured Image by a Webcam in picture Box?
I'm Using VB.Net 2008
I dont know what to do. Thanks in advance!

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Are you trying to Capture an image then put it in the PictureBox in your program? or just display a picture in the PictureBox?

I would like to capture an image then put it in picture box. :)

you must first save the image that you capture . and make an upload button and locate the picture that you saved and place it in picturebox 5

Hi, if you capture an image you could refer to the location where the image is kept. Maybe use a button with the code PictureBox1.ImageLocation = ("C:\where your image is")

is it not possible that the captured image of webcam is automatically put into picturebox?

it is possible depending on your programming skill but i use the save first image and call its location :). im not that pro though . :)

@denden How to do it? Can you give me a code or instructions ? im a begginner .:)

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