NEED HELP! in making this hope someone can help me in this project,,,

am not a good vb programmer,,,in other word i am a newbie...
i need to pass this in 2 days,,,,
i attached the user interface and the access to make a database of a payroll system...
,,,, my problem is i dont know how to link the forms and projects,,,, and the biggest prblem is i dont know how to put all the thing that will be
input from the VB forms to the MS ACCESS ..........and btw i forgot to attaches the login interface that is a problem also,,,
....the program is this,,,,,
1.login in menu there is register(no interface has been created i forgot sorry), employee(will be linked to empolyee form) and logout..
* employee form(all its info and there is tabs there,,,the search *Add emplyee if not added yet,, *delete an employee if want to delete it,,,and the payroll and received form the will be linked to there own forms,) the main problem here is to link each other and to put the inputed data from VB to MS ACCESS and the login,,,

hope someone can help me,,,,,some forms has programm codes already,,,,'

thanks to the prgrammers,,,that will help and to those will not help thanks also for reading,,,,,
God bless you all,,,,


^ about the VB version i used VB 2010.........