....do not exist really,they are just the registers in the Programming architectutre and there are more processors on a CPU physically. those cx,ax etc... are there to simplify programming as there are a lot of other real registers in the processor????

I thought those places were real!

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I thought those places were real!

Technically, nothing you use in programming exists because it's just text. ;) Even assemblers take a text file of assembly language which is then converted by an assembler into machine code.


I know it is just text. but registers are not text. they actually live in processor as a memory isn't it.is it true about the registers thing? no cx,bx etc..... rgisters?


I know it is just text. but registers are not text.

You asked about cx, bx, etc. Those are assembly language representations of the different registers. So yes, they are text. ;) It should also be fairly obvious that I'm just messing with you.

And yes, physical registers are real memory locations burned into the CPU.

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