Dear friends i am a final year student of BCS . I am working on project with Title "HOSTEL MANGMENT SYSTEM" . I am confuse in project i.e what type of form it need. So if any one have idea about this project so plz help me.

Thanks in advance.

You will (as always) have to design/chart your application before you start programming.

Design the tables

You will have to figure out what kinds of information you will need to store (if you were a hotel operator)

You will have to figure out which database better fits the application. (SQL,MySQL,Oracle,Access ect..)

You will have to start defining the tables (I type mine in word or excel to get an idea)

Start laying down the needed relationships (FK ect...)

Flowchart the app

Logically think about what would have to be done, what decisions will have to be made.

Chart the application out, then proof read it.

Design the GUI

Lay down a design for the GUI. (Design it for an end user, not yourself)

You can even doodle down on paper what your ideas would look like.

Start the fun!