Write a C program that models a phone recharging system in Guyana. There are two providers: GT&T and Digicel. Please ask the user to enter their telephone number and the amout of credits needed. The program should then determine whether the customer is Digicel or GT&T based on their telephone number and then display a message in the end. For example, for a GT&T customer the message will appear as in the example shown below:
“Dear GT&T customer, your account 6000101 has been recharged with $200”

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We don't solve your school problems here - that is blatant cheating. You first have to make an effort to solve them, then if you have made a sincere effort, we will happily help you to figure out what went wrong... :-(

Here goes little push for you


 Enter user's phone number and amount to be recharged.

 Open database and search the user using a unique identification number
 ( for example, the phone number )

 Increment user's balance ( present in database ) by the amount sepcified

 Print the required message


Now, your article title is

A C++ program to recharge credit to a cellphone

And in your question you have said

Write a C program that models a phone recharging system in Guyana

First, select the language in which you want to code.

For example in C++ you can use class to construct database, while in C you can use structure.

Code the program and post it ( if there is any problem ).

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