I'm using VB6. I want to create a small app that sets the Marquee text, and wait time. I just want to avoid the drama of navigating through Control Panel / display / screen saver / settings. I often have to leave my computer, and would like to leave a marquee display to tell others where I have gone. I've found where this is kept in the registry, but how to I programmatacaly change it ?

Well, I wanted to add some updated stuff to it before posting, but I can always add it later. Keep in mind that there is 1 issue, and so far, I'm not able to explain why.... I'm guessing because the information is memory resident, or some other crazy windows reason, but if you change the interval (the time to wait before the screen saver launches) it does not actually take effect until you reboot. Now, the entry for the screensaver wait time, does, in fact, get updated. But even after it's been updated, it still shows (the registry shows the new value, but if you go to screen saver properties (right click on the desktop, properties, screen saver tab) it still shows the old interval, dunno...). The text changes, and works, however. Have you way with it, or use it as is.... let me know how it turns out.