1. The Theatre Auditorium contains 20 rows (numbered 1 through 20) with 30 seats each
    (numbered 1 through 30). Write an application that allows a user to buy show ticket
    continuously by entering a row and seat request until a sentinel value is entered. If the row
    or seat number is too high, issue an error message. Otherwise, determine whether the seat has
    already been reserved. If so, display an error message. Charge the user $7.50 for a ticket and
    display a running total of the user’s purchase. When the user enters a sentinel, display the
    number of seats taken and the number of seats available in the auditorium.

  2. Write a program that converts a sentence input by the user into pig latin. You can assume
    that the sentence contains no punctuation. The rules for pig latin are as follows:

a) For words that begin with consonants, move the leading consonant to the end of the word
and add “ay”. Thus, “ball” becomes “allbay”; “button” becomes “uttonbay”; and so
b) For words that begin with vowels, add “way” to the end. Thus “all” becomes “allway”,
“one” becomes “oneway”; and so forth.