Hi, let say that i have this excel file that contains column of account number and the name of the customer. And I want to extract any of the data that have duplicate. And the script should be able to get the duplicate only if the both of the account number and the name of the person have been duplicated. If let say only acocunt number is duplicated, then it is not considered duplicate. Please refer the screenshot below :


So, how suppose i do this? thanks.

I am sorry. Its actually have three column, which is account number, customer name and also the amount pay by cutomer. So the program will only assume the line is duplicate if all of these three column are the same.

Please refer to the sample below :


Thanks :)

It looks like you just need someone to write a script for you. Otherwise you would have presented your attempt to solve this problem. IIRC daniweb is not here to do your homework or normal work for you.
In other words: Present some code or go pay someone to do this for you.