Hi, I've just started out learning C# / .NET at a fast rate. Then, I plan to look for company to get experience even if working for free. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Anyone know where I can gain experience when I learn enough without certification and only a high school diploma (even for little or no pay)??

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Best advice is to learn as much as possible, what does your resume look like?? Do you have other programming experience??
The summer is near, most companies look for free interns to work as jr. developers, aslo getting invoilved in FOSS projects is also a good way to get experience.

thanks for the advice. I don't have a resume ( I work in another field full time, until I can switch). I've never programmed before. Do you know where I would find companies look for free interns to work as jr. developers?

thanks in advance...

Well I am 17 right now and graduated high school last December. What I did it paid for a MCAD cert class and found out that they needed help. I asked for the job and they said they had a tight budget. So I told them that I would work for free if I get all my classes for free.

Well I am still doing that but the only thing I have to pay for is the Microsoft book. I come in once a week (saturday) and work a couple hours.

Also another thing is since you are starting to program no matter how small or how simple, keep all of your little apps. Soon you will start working on very cool apps and it's cool when you apply for a job and at an interview show your workmanship.

Good Luck!

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