I would like to know what tool/class should I use to create a map that used for games?
such example: user use key to move an object...and if moves then the more map will shown
I admit, I did not do much research on this.. but I wanted to approach the concept of "map" by myself.

I was thinking about linked list ...
could someone help me through understanding this.. :)

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Are you talking about the "model" for your game, or the "view" that displays it on the screen? "show" suggests a GUI solution, but linked list is something you would use in a amodel and has no GUI characteristics whatever.
Maybe you can expand/clarify the requirements some more?

By "map" do you mean a background image that is drawn and filled in as it is moved?
For example if the background is moved down, new background is drawn in on the top.

I would like to thank you both,
yes NormR1, this is what I'm asking for :)

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