hey..can somebody help me?
how can i make this work?
one pc has a vb6 application which added a record in the database (mysql)
and when he/she had already added a record, a pop up message will show to the
another pc that a new record has been added to the database.

i had already a pop up application. my problem is how can i determine that a new record
has been added?

any code pls?
this project is already pending.


In your popup application you need to use a timer that will check the database for new records.

First assign a value to the current recordcount in your database. When the timer runs, it will check against this value. If the value changed - bigger = new record, - lower = deleted record.

Based on this show the popup.

hey andreret.thanks for the reply.
where will i set the timer's property ENABLED to true?in the form_load event?

this means that when i install the application to one pc, how can i make the pop
up message come whenver a new record has been added by another user from another pc?

please help me out here.im stuck.

thanks again..

Yes, enable your timer from your main forms load event. Set its interval to 60000 (1 minute).

When you start making calls from various pc's, you need to run your database on a server/central pc. this way you can control data from as many pc's you like within a network.

Read more on my mysql tutorial here.