Hi, help me please

I have a project that gather the total cash of my customer.

First when i click the 1st total button, the cash value will go to adodc1. Adodc1 is set for DAILY cash values inputs.
After multiple cash value in the adodc1 i need to total them again and the answer will go to adodc2. Adodc2 is for WEEKLY cash values means i need to total all DAILY cash values from SUN to SAT.
my 1st problem is how i can get the TOTAL cash values from SUN to SAT?
then my 2nd problem is the MONTHLY CASH VALUES set in ADODC3. I need to TOTAL all the WEEKLY CASH VALUES from adodc2.

help me please

It works much faster and less error free when you grab the values from your database using Active x Data Objects.

First you need to do the connection, then set a recordset and open it. Then based on your requirement (daily, weekly, monthly) loop through the records to return the total for your selection.