what is wrong with this code

#This is not free source
#Don't cheat by looking @ this
#If you do you ruin the game

#A Towel Production

global ammo1
global ammo2
global ammo3
global health
global tech_parts
global exp
global radio_parts
def simpstart():
    print "You wake in a haze. A crate,a door and a radio."
    g1 = raw_input("Which do you choose")
    if g1 == "CRATE" or g1 == "Crate" or g1 == "crate":
        print "There is a pack of ammo,some food and an odd microchip"
    elif g1 =="DOOR" or g1 == "Door" or g1 == "door":
        print "You are outside"
    elif g1 == "RADIO" or g1 == "Radio" or g1 == "radio":
        print "It's only a few parts"
    g2 = raw_input("So this is NYC.Ten years after.There are a few streets.Go west or north"
    if g2 == "WEST" or g2 == "West" or g2 == "west"
    elif g2 == "NORTH" or g2 == "North" or g2 == "north":
def path_1():
    print "This is where it all started. Freedom Tower. A biotech firm called Aesthos Biotechnology. Based here."
    print "I worked there."
    1 = raw_input("Go in or stay out")
    if 1 == "GO IN" or 1 == "Go in" or 1 == "go in":
        2 = raw_input

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At least the lines 11 to 17 do not make any sense and should be deleted. Lines 46 - 48 are worse. You can not change the meaning of numbers by assignment. Shortly: everything is wrong.

actually, mr.fancy pymod, IDLE says the error is on line 38

look at the full traceback record. and it's better to post the full traceback here...

Line 38 is clearly one of the many syntax errors. You should show some kind of effort, start small, test, add lines. Scratch this code as after syntax errors it still has the poor design, honestly. It is trying to use, with wrong syntax, global variables, which is bad design. It is hard coding the text inside the code and the map of the adventuture universe into if statements instead of in data. It goes on. Start again to avoid lot of problems later.

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