actually my task is to create 4 pages data submission form.. i want to store the first three pages data in browser and when i click the final submit button in 4th page 've to insert all the data at a time in mysql so how can i can anyone plss thanx in advance :)

Typically, you need two XSL stylesheets to transform data from XML to HTML and XSL-FO: one to transform XML to HTML and one XSL-FO stylesheet to transform the HTML to an XSL-FO document, which you then convert to PDF using an XSL-FO processor. This process means that in an environment such as a web application that generates reports in HTML and PDF, you must write a new XSLT stylesheet that transforms data to HTML, and then write, debug, and maintain the corresponding XSL-FO stylesheet. Keeping up with these stylesheets can be difficult, and XSL-FO isn't easy to work with. Fortunately, because the reports don't have to be sophisticated, you can easily express the layout in a CSS file. Then, you can further process the CSS file using the CSSToXSLFO utility, which can generate the XSL-FO document with just a bit of coding.

This process and other, similar situations are perfect use cases for the approach that this article presents—namely, writing an XSLT stylesheet that transforms XML to HTML, then adding a few extra CSS instructions to it so that it can transform the HTML to XSL-FO and then to PDF.