how to loop and how to add score?
and i want to make sure that people can ask how many question the want to answer in my quiz. how can i do that?

# make input equal to Python3 style input even in Python2
    input = raw_input
def questions ():
    global questionlist
    print =("how many question do you want to answer")
    while questioncount < 4:

print("Welcome to my yes or no quiz!")
questions = (("Denis Glover wrote the poem The Magpies ", 'yes'),
             ("God Save the King was New Zealand’s national anthem up to and including during WWII  ", 'yes'),
             ("Kiri Te Kanawa is a Wellington-born opera singer  ", 'no'),
             ("Phar Lap was a New Zealand born horse who won the Melbourne Cup  ", 'yes'),
             ("Queen Victoria was the reigning monarch of England at the time of the Treaty  ", 'yes'),
             ("Split Enz are a well-known rock group from Australia who became very famous in New Zealand during the 80s  ", 'no'),
             ("Te Rauparaha is credited with intellectual property rights of Kamate!  ", 'yes'),
             ("The All Blacks are New Zealands top rugby team ", 'yes'),
             ("The Treaty of Waitangi was signed at Parliament  ", 'no'),
             ("The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1901 ", 'no'),
             ("Aotearoa commonly means Land of the Long White Cloud   ", 'yes'))

for q, right in questions:
    if input(q).lower() == right:
        print("Well done! You got it right!")
        print("You got it wrong this time!")

thank you so much!!!!!! last question.... how to extend the quiz to add more user friendly and robust features? an how to add comment?