I have completed a VB.NET project and I want make a installer for this project by coding.
so I don't know how coding !

can you help me. please!!


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VB.NET has nothing to do with installer.

You can choose which installer you like such as:
NSIS (Public Domain) -- EXE installer
Inno Setup (Freeware, but not public domain) -- EXE installer
InstallShield (Commerical) -- MSI installer

---- and many others paid solutions as well

You have to decide which installer you would like to use, apart of licensing issue, you need to consider their scripting language (Inno Setup uses Pascal scripting and written in Delphi) as well as their ease to use. (While InstallShield has a big "IDE" like and many things are done in GUI, Inno Setup and NSIS are not. However, Inno has certain add-ons including but not limited to ISTool, which is essentially a Graphical way to build a basic installer.)

Oh yeah, MSI installers are generally in Unicode, so that in different encoding systems [Think a Czech program used in say Japan], that will not show a "rubbish" (Not readable by humans) message. However, NSIS and Inno might not be the case [as in default]. (They have a Unicode version in a year or 2 ago, but it supports only Windows 2000 or above --- anyway below 2000 are too legacy + they are not Unicode system, so forget about them.)

["Bonus tip"]:
MSI ones are generally larger than Inno / NSIS ones as it does not use 7Zip compression (I think only zip for MSI) and the InstallShield thing is generally a big monster that results in its product [Read: Installer you have created] to be "that big" but MSI installers are only thing to be certified by Microsoft since Vista or sort. (Microsoft preferred way to install programs is via MSI as it provides advanced features such as repairing the installation without uninstall your program + reinstall again etc. Do note that certain advanced features mentioned is also possible in Inno / NSIS, but they will involve some custom scripting / coding again which is another advanced technique + beyond the scope of VB.NET forum)
Just my 2 cents of thought.

pls help me to my project....

i need codes for Saving data in the data grid....

pls help me to my project....

i need codes for Saving data in the data grid....

It has nothing to do with your installer.

Datagrid? Ur details is too vague that no one can help you.

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