I am doing an assignment for university, so I can't exactly post the code. So I will have to explain the best I can.

I have to draw 3 stars in a row, 5 points, 6 points, 7 points.

We have to do it using a for loop and the goto(....) function.

I have managed to draw one star, but if i try to draw another star it will draw it ontop of the previous star.

I have a starting point specified as one of the corners of the star using the coordinates of the star found from the angle,
is there a way to change the start point, ie, change where it starts from (0,0)

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May I point your attention to this code snippet?

Here is a hint on the turtle goto(x, y) ...

''' turtle_star_six.py
draw a star with six points using Python module turtle

import turtle as tu

def draw_star(x, y, side):
    star_angle = 360.0/6
    left_angle = star_angle * 2
    # start drawing here (default is center x=0, y=0)
    tu.goto(x, y)
    for k in range(6):

x = -150
y = -50
side = 100
draw_star(x, y, side)

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