As the thread title said I want to know how to create a setup file. I know the basics of creating such setup file but I want to know how to create an enter serial number windows form, how to ensure that the entered serail number is true or not where I can store the valid serial numbers for offline registration and if serial number is not provided how to make the application works for only a few days. Aslo, I added the settings file and create a set property for the connection string so that I can choose a specific connection string from the app.config file and assign it to connection string I'm using to connect to the database is there any other better way of doing that as after installing the solution it is available to someone who knows a little about computer to open the installtion directory and open the app.config as it is now easy for him to know the IP of the database server.

Thanks in advance


Amr Mohammed

Try reading this it will give you an idea;

Thanks "faroukmuhammad" for help and for the link :)

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