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You know when you go to Google. and you wanna search for Christmas photos for example and you wanna save every photo In the result.

But saving each photo one by one and to much wrist pain.

What programming language do I need to design a software that can download all Images off of Google with 1 click.

If your making one...

It will help to have a programming language in mind. I hope you know what regex is; if not, I don't think there is a great way to design this yourself.

Need to query google with a search url: '"my_clever_phrase_that_gets_me_what_I_want"'.

Be able to traverse the search list (Page1, Page2, ...) and parse it for links

Then grabbing the contents of the link and saving as file.

You might find some help with the regex part, or even a toolkit/package within your own language that helps with interfacing google. A lot depends on the language your designing in. Python sounds great for this. Your probably looking for a scriptable type language, might even go with Javascript.