Evening :)

I am trying to run a makefile on a program i wrote.
in Borland C it runs smoothly .
after running the makefile - all sorts of error appear which i do not understand.
i am adding the files (program + header + error DOC ) .

Makefile as written :

hw_2 : ex.o main.o
gcc -o hw_2 ex.o main.o
ex.o : hw2head.c hw2head.h
gcc -c -x c hw2head.c
main.o : hw2cpy.c hw2head.h
gcc -c -x c hw2cpy.c[

Thank you in advance ,

Yotam , Israel.

why doesn't hw2head.c contain any includes? Add hw2head.h to the top of hw2head.c and that will probably fix all (or most) of the problems.