• Hey ppl! i was wondering if anyone could get me started with a project in VB.NET 10. the project i wanna create is a program lik outlook 2010. its prob a long shot but i want it to be in COMPLETELY VB. i have VS 10 .net and u hav to make it real simple cause this is only my 3rd project in vb. thx!

You are talking about an incredibly complex program (Outlook) with many thousands of lines of code requiring intimate knowledge of several technologies and it's only your third project in VB? I think you are biting off way more than you can chew. In any case, you are asking for far more assistance than is appropriate for this forum.

since its 2 big do do outlook, what about outlook express???

If you want to get some idea of the complexity, google

mozilla thunderbird source code download

and get the source code for Thunderbird.

i couldnt find nothing. i tried searching for the source code but couldnt get anything