Hello guys
I have got a little programme that been written in Python, I did connect it to an application been created in Visual Basic 2010, But to run the Python file, Of course you will need to install the Python software/Format to be able to run the python file, And i was actually wondering if there is a way that i can like for Example Have some sort of code or store Python inside An application that been created in Visual Basic Somewhere like in Database or or.., So if you run your application on an other Computer, You won't need to install Python all over again to run your Application, Do you think it is possible
By the way, I'm not actually sure if this is the right place or do i need to paste it in Python form side, Please let me know
And i would like to thanks everyone for your helps, Especially R-Jim, I always come to daniweb, Because i know that i do find helps from you guys thanks again.

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You can try py2exe and call the exe from the vb.net application.



Hi Begginnerdev, Thanks for your quick respong, Actually the code you sent me was good to be used too, But it's not what i was actually looking for
I have got an application that been created in Visual basic 2010, And it runs python file, If i want to run it on an other computer, I will need to install python first, Otherwise it wont work, So i was wondering if there a way to have like python installed inside the application, So if i run it on an other machine, I won't need to install python to make it work, Any idea ?

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