Hello Friends,
I want to write plug in in c++. I am using windows 2008 in which i choose project of Extensibility type and use C++ Atl language.I didnt find any link in the net regarding this.only theoretical help is given there.
Please help me with some example so that i get some idea.

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There is no such thing as Windows 2008, you probably mean Visual Studio 2008? If you want to write plugins for Visual Studio then read some of these links. Note that this is not for c++ language or compilers, but to extend the Visual Studio IDEs. If you want to extend the c++ language then you have to write libraries or DLLs, not plugins.

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Let me clarify your question for the less perspicace: You are using Visual Studio 2008, and you are looking to create COM objects (plug-ins) using the Active Template Library (ATL) for C++.

Have you tried going through the tutorials and manuals provided on MSDN?

Do you have any specific problem?

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