can anybody help me how to make a LAN connection for messenger such as yahoo in a big connection like in hostel? i use microsoft visual basic 6 and microsoft access as a database. pls help me :(

Where will your database be stored? on a LAN pc/server?

The size of the network does not really count. What does count is your database. Access will not be able to handle that many requests. Rather move up to MySql which is open source (free).

All you need then, is a few forms -
Login, main form, chat form, edit profile form etc.

i will store it in my pc. it is for my final year project actually. can i make my pc as a server? and the other pc in my hostel as a client? using microsoft access or MySql, which one is easier if i only need 50 data?

Its not thye amount of data that will be a problem but the amount of users. Access can handle up to 5 users at one time. Any data to database after that will be dropped. MySql let you handle unlimited calls to the database.

Yes, you can use your personal pc as a server. You can have a look at my tutorial here to setup mysql...

oh so now i know. thank you andreRet :) thanks for your tutorial.

Only a pleasure, happy coding.