hey guys,
can you suggest a good java compiler for me? i had eclipse, but it literally FELL APART.
almond joy

but it literally FELL APART.

Literally? Wow, I would love to have seen that happen. ;)

The standard compiler is javac.exe which is part of the JDK download

But if you have been using Eclipse maybe you should download the latest version and carry on. Eclipse is definitely a full industrial-strength piece of software, and doesn't break easily.

When you say Eclipse 'fell apart', what actually happened? As JamesCherrill says, Eclipse is generally quite stable, so any catastrophic problem with it is quite unusual and deserves some analysis.

The version of eclipse you are using will be dependent upon specific versions of Java. Make sure you have installed the correct Java SDK and JRE for the version of eclipse you are running.

FWIW, this is the main reason why I generally don't use eclipse, but rather fall back to ant to compile Java projects.

Juno has performance and stability issues, at least I faced them. I would recommend grabbing the latest 3.X version of Eclipse with Java 7 for best results unless you are bound by a predetermined version of Eclipse or Java.

you can also go to Netbeans IDE 7.2
it's also quite stable for all java suite.

Or you can go to JGrasp also..

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