I have a jar file that I have converted to an .exe file(With Launch4J, tried bunch of other programs as well).
I can open the exe file with WinRaR and see all the class files and a .properties file.
I can open the .properties file and edit it, then winrar asks me if I want to update the archive. When I press yes an error pops up saying archive corrupt.
Is there a way to be able to change the properties file inside the exe?
(For now I have added a method that will be called if you pass a certain parameter when you start the exe as a fix)

I also have another question..
When running the program, a DOS/CMD window pops up and the program runs, but the title of the console window is C:\path\toFile.exe
is there a way to change this?

I think I used a Jar to exe file that let me edit the console title, but I can't remember what program it was and I've tried every jar to exe I found..