Hello programmers!

I am making File Browser software and I want to display icons of my files in listview. Here is the code:


        Dim di As New IO.DirectoryInfo(LocationA.Text)

        Dim aryFi As IO.FileInfo() = di.GetFiles("*")

        Dim fi As IO.FileInfo

        For Each fi In aryFi

            For Each files In System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(LocationA.Text)
                Dim icons As Icon = Icon.ExtractAssociatedIcon(files)

            ListView1.Items.Add(fi.Name, ImageList1.Images.Count)


This code looks good but when I start the software I see this:


Look at the left listview. First icon in listview loops to end.

Can anyone fix this code?


P.S. LocationA is Label with location of the directory!

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Try this mod to your code

        ' clear the imagelist so we don't have extras
        ' you need this next line to keep the ListView from flickering!

        Dim di As New IO.DirectoryInfo(LocationA.Text)

        For Each fi As IO.FileInfo In di.GetFiles("*")
            ' provide a default icon in case we can't extract one
            Dim icons As Icon = SystemIcons.WinLogo
            ' set that default as the new listitem's icon
            Dim li As New ListViewItem(fi.Name, 1)
            ' check ImageList to see if we have an icon for this file type
            If Not (ImageList1.Images.ContainsKey(fi.Extension)) Then
                ' we don't, let's try to get one
                icons = System.Drawing.Icon.ExtractAssociatedIcon(fi.FullName)
                ImageList1.Images.Add(fi.Extension, icons)
            End If
            icons = Icon.ExtractAssociatedIcon(fi.FullName)
            ListView1.Items.Add(fi.Name, fi.Extension)

        ' all done, redraw the listview

It works! Thanks! :D

Of course it works, if it was untested code I would've said so! :)

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