I have a piece of code where I fill variables with data
and would like to add the first column of each row into the variable:
So each variable in a row should contain: %VAR_ + 'value of column[0]' + headerRow[i] + %
Now it looks like this which makes variables only unique within a row.

       result = []
        for line in lines:            
            i = 0
            for cell in row:
                tmp = ('%VAR_' + headerRow[i] + '%')
                line = line.replace(tmp, cell) # string.replace(old, new)
                i = i + 1
        return result
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You should first test that what you want is there.

for cell in row:
    tmp = ('%VAR_' + headerRow[i] + '%')
    if tmp in line:
        line = line.replace(tmp, cell) # string.replace(old, new)
        print "replaced line =", line
        print tmp, "not found"

What I want is there, but tmp (variable with column name included) is only unique per row, I want it to be unique for the whole file so it should contain some kind of row id.

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Note that you will replace tmp with cell no matter when it is found, i.e the for loop will always replace tmp with cell 1 on the first pass if it is found, no matter where in the line it occurs. Without more info about what input and output should be, and what row contains, there is nothing more that can be said.

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Thanks Woooee, got your point.
While debugging the program I can actually see what happens and that is rather
surprising ! ;-)
Thanks again.

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