I am trying to build a Football Scoreboard and I have performed alot of editing but I am getting hung up on this error Error 1 Variable 'strScore' hides a variable in an enclosing block. C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temporary Projects\WindowsApplication1\Form1.vb 41 17 WindowsApplication1

it keeps referring to this line of code -Dim strScore As Double = Double.Parse(InputBox(strInputMessage & intNumberOfEntries + 1, strInputHeading, " "))

Perhaps I am thinking to much into it I am new to Visual Basic, Can someone help or make a suggestion? Below is my entire code.

Option Strict On
Public Class Form1

Private Sub btnEnterScore_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnEnterScore.Click

    Dim strScore As String

    Dim intScore As Integer

    Dim intFinalScore As Integer = 0

    Dim strInputMessage As String = "Enter the score for game #"

    Dim strInputHeading As String = "Football Score"

    Dim strNormalMessage As String = "Enter the score for game #"

    Dim strNonNumericError As String = "Error - Enter a number for th score #"

    Dim strNegativeError As String = "Error please enter a positive number for score #"

    Dim Cnt As Integer

    Dim intTotalScore As Integer

    Dim strCancelClicked As String = ""

    Dim intMaxNumberOfEntries As Integer = 0

    Dim intNumberOfEntries As Integer = 0


        Dim strScore As Double = Double.Parse(InputBox(strInputMessage & intNumberOfEntries + 1, strInputHeading, " "))

        If strScore = -10 Then

            Exit Do

        End If

        If IsNumeric(strScore) Then

            intFinalScore = CInt(strScore)

            If strScore > 0 Then


                intFinalScore += intScore

                intNumberOfEntries += 1

                Cnt += 1

                strInputMessage = strNormalMessage

            End If

        End If

    Loop Until intNumberOfEntries = 10 Or CInt(strScore) = -10

    lblFinalScore.Visible = True

    If intNumberOfEntries > 1 Then

        'decFinalScore = intTotalScore + decScore - 1    

        lblFinalScore.Text = "Average score per game is " & _intFinalScore / Cnt


        lblFinalScore.Text = "no score entered"

    End If

    btnEnterScore.Enabled = True

End Sub

Private Function _intFinalScore() As Integer
    Throw New NotImplementedException
End Function

End Class

If I'm not mistaken when you're using double.parse the whole string must represent a double, anything else and it crashes. By putting the inputbox right in the parse statment you can't validate the string returned from the inputbox unless you program an error trap.

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