Hello !

I'm the ultimate beginner in programming. I have some experience in php and vba, doing my own scripts as I need them, especially in excel.

Recently, for a project at works, I need to be able to scan AUTOMATICALLY (say every 2 minutes) from multiple scanners (say 2 for starters) both connected to the same computer.
I decided to use this project as a start point for me to get a feeling of Visual Basic.
So here we go, I installed visual studio express 2010 and started writing my script trying to find here and there bits of codes that could help me. I found that WIA could help with that (Twain could as well but it seems much more obscure to the newbie I am)

Anyway, I finally came up with an app that is able to automatically scan at the set interval when only one scanner is connected. The trouble arrives when I connect more than one scanner. then, the first scan occurs correctly (Scanner 1 scans, then scanner 2 scans), but when the second scan is supposed to start, nothing happens and the scanners become inaccessible (busy).
I though maybe I forgot to "release" or "disconnect" the last scanner used. Or maybe, something remains in the scanner's buffer memory ?

I have been stuck on this issue for the last 3 days and don't know how to make it work.

here is the function that scans : (i don't paste the rest as it is the UI and folder management)

 Public Sub scannerloop()

    'format constants
    Const wiaFormatBMP = "{B96B3CAB-0728-11D3-9D7B-0000F81EF32E}"
    Const wiaFormatPNG = "{B96B3CAF-0728-11D3-9D7B-0000F81EF32E}"
    Const wiaFormatGIF = "{B96B3CB0-0728-11D3-9D7B-0000F81EF32E}"
    Const wiaFormatJPEG = "{B96B3CAE-0728-11D3-9D7B-0000F81EF32E}"
    Const wiaFormatTIFF = "{B96B3CB1-0728-11D3-9D7B-0000F81EF32E}"

    'file format
    Dim fileformat As String = wiaFormatTIFF

    Dim colorcode As Integer
    If Me.Colorbox.SelectedItem = "Black and white" Then colorcode = 4
    If Me.Colorbox.SelectedItem = "Greyscale" Then colorcode = 2
    If Me.Colorbox.SelectedItem = "Colour" Then colorcode = 1

    Dim dpi As Integer
    dpi = Me.dpiBox.SelectedItem
    Dim horizextent = dpi * 8.2
    Dim vertextent = dpi * 11.6

    Dim j As String = 1
    Dim DeviceManager1 = CreateObject("WIA.DeviceManager")   'wia device manager

    For i = 1 To DeviceManager1.DeviceInfos.Count 'loop through all devices

        If DeviceManager1.DeviceInfos(i).Type = 1 Then  'Select only scanners, not webcams etc...

            'Directory + file
            Dim targetdir = Me.ProjectFolderBox.Text & "\scans\Scanner" & j & "\S" & j & "_" & Me.FilePrefix.Text & Me.CurrFileIndex & "." & Me.FileExt.SelectedItem
            Form2.CurrentActionLabel.Text = "Scanning from scanner #" & j

            Dim Scanner As WIA.Device = DeviceManager1.DeviceInfos(i).connect

            If IsNothing(Scanner) Then
                Log(Me.logfilename, Now & " | Scanner #" & j & " not found")
                    Dim Img As WIA.ImageFile

                    With Scanner.Items(1)
                        .Properties("6146").Value = colorcode '4 is Black-white,gray is 2, color 1 (Color Intent)
                        .Properties("6147").Value = dpi  'dots per inch/horizontal
                        .Properties("6148").Value = dpi 'dots per inch/vertical
                        .Properties("6149").Value = 0 'x point where to start scan
                        .Properties("6150").Value = 0 'y-point where to start scan

                        'Following is A4 paper size. (Not 100% accurate because real A4 Ht errors)
                        .Properties("6151").Value = horizextent 'horizontal exent DPI x inches wide
                        .Properties("6152").Value = vertextent 'vertical extent DPI x inches tall
                        '  .Properties("4104").Value = 8 'bits per pixel

                    End With

                    'transfer image
                    Img = Scanner.Items(1).Transfer(fileformat) 'scans the image.

                    'kill previous file if exists to avoid errors
                    If System.IO.File.Exists(targetdir) = True Then
                    End If


                Catch ex As Exception

                    Scanner = Nothing
                End Try
            End If

            j = j + 1

    DeviceManager1 = Nothing

    Me.CurrFileIndex = Me.CurrFileIndex + 1
    Me.ScanCount = Me.ScanCount + 1

End Sub

I've tried so many different things !
the other notable thing I've tried was, instead of declaring Dim Scanner As WIA.Device = DeviceManager1.DeviceInfos(i).connect inside the loop, I declared all devices once and for all (scanner(1), scanner(2) etc and then referred to them later. This doesn't solve the problem at all)

So basically, the rest of the program is a form where I enter the target directory for the scan, the filenames, resolution etc, and when I click on 'start scanning', it
- runs scannerloop one first time
- starts a 'scantimer' which launches scannerloop each time it ticks.

As I said, it works perfectly with 1 scanner (files created as expected, in time, logfile updated, etc) but as soon as I have 2 scanners, only the first scan works (for each scanner) and then, when scanner#1 is supposed to start scanning, it doesn't and the led of scanner#2 starts flashing (as if it was scanning, but it's not scanning)

It looks like WIA is happy to switch from scanner 1 to 2 but refuses to come back to scanner 1 for the next round. also, I should precise, when the second scan is supposed to occur, scanner #2 blinks (and not 1 which surprises me).
Is it possible that scanner#2 is selected as "default scanner" or something like that and if so, is there a way to revert that ?

One precision about timing that puzzles me :
IF I want both scanners to scan every minute or every two minutes : they each perform one scan and never manage to scan for the second time.
If i want them to scan every 5 minutes, the manage to perform the first two scans and then crash again for the third !. So far it seemed to be a timing problem, except that if I ask them to scan every hour, it's the same, they each scan twice, but never perform the third scan !
I doesn't make sense... It looks like I am allowed to have a max of 4 connections to devices, whatever happens

Please help me ! :s

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I am not really experienced with WIA but...

I understood that the problema arises when connecting the second time. I this is true, then connecting only once may do the trick.

Did you tryed to connect to the scanners only once, at main program level, then pass (by ref) the device infos for the loop?

Hope this helps

Hi lolafuertes,
I indeed tried something similar : 1 loop that creates the connections once and for all and then referring to these connections later in a different loop.
Unfortunately, this doesn't work. (in that case, the scanners block even before performing the first scans)

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