Im currently working as a programmer in a company, creating a Logging system. The problem is when im running my system, even if I delete all the codes. When i start debugging my system. The debugger does not follow my codes.
Please help me.

Please give more details. What programming features are you using? What code is not working the way you expect? Please post the suspect code if you want help with it.

Ok, I'll take swag at a possible explaination. Are you trying to debug and modify while having VS configured for a release build?

Im using 2010 and i think i have click something. When I start to debug my program, it happens that it doesnt follow my new input code, or even when i delete all the codes inside the form, the program runs its last working mode.

Is there any solution that i can work on my program normally?

The only thing that I know of that causes the symptoms you have described is if the timestamp on you project files somehow becomes dated later than the curent datetime of your computer.

Exit VS an go to your project folder. Locate the "obj" and "bin" folders and delete them. Look at the date-modified on your ".vb" files. Make sure the datetimes on them is not greater than the current datetime of your computer. If it is, right-click on the file and select "open-with" NotePad or some other text editor. Add a blank line to the file and save it. This will change the timestamp to the current datetime. Then restart VS and open the project and try running by pressing the "F5" key. Then see if you can edit and the edits have effect.

Based on your description, this might happen for a number of reasons:
* Your program has a logic error that causes it to skip a bunch of lines. For example, For I=6 to 1 without the needed Step -1 . This will cause the entire For loop to be skipped.
* You have turned on optimization in your debug configuration. Optimization should only be on for the release build. Turn off optimization for the debug build.

Please give more details to get better answers.

i think i have click something.

What is something? Did you click it or not. Details matter. Please be as specific as possible as to what is needed to reproduce your problem.

I think what i have done is right click of the Application then Build. I have done so various debugging like restart Application then, change my time settings.