I am waiting for the release of HLA 1.82 before dumping any source on the CVS, however, all interested parties are invited to join the project {{ just let me know in what capacity -- developer, technician, project admin, etc. -- you wish to participate in }} to "kick around" your ideas and just generally get things started.

The project is at:

Subscribe to the mail list is at:

Description: The intention of this project is to support users of Randall Hyde's HLA (High Level Assembly) language [ http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/AsmTools/HLA/index.html ] who wish to maintain, extend, or evolve the HLA Standard Library. The current implementation of HLA is a prototype which runs on Windows and Linux -- with other platforms planned for the 2.x version. The public domain source code for the HLA stdlib portion can be obtained here: http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/AsmTools/HLA/dnld.html The intention is to keep all added/modified code in the public domain so that it may be included in future versions of HLA.

* Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable
* Intended Audience: Advanced End Users, Developers
* License: Public Domain
* Operating System: All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP), Linux
* Programming Language: Assembly
* Topic: Compilers


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