I'm using Eclipse and I made a program that reads ID3 tags. The problem is that each time I run it, it stops in this line:

TagFrame * tmpFrame=new TagFrame(frameID,header.getFilename(),stream);
frames.push_back(tmpFrame); //This line!!!

Where the variable 'frames' is a std::list<TagFrame*>. This block of code is beeing called from a function placed in a class(HeaderStream). When I debugged the program it gived me this stack:

_fu6___ZNSs4_Rep20_S_empty_rep_storageE() at HeaderStream.cpp:63 0x401c77

... and gived me this warning:

Invalid parameter passed to C runtime function.

However, sometimes, when I debug my program, it works fine. Where could be the problem? Is it a compiler problem or windows?

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What compiler are you using?


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