2-D string implementation
i am new to c.anyone please help me why this code is not working
typedef struct{
        char name[2][10];
        }college ;

int main()
    college student;

    printf("%s %s ", student.name);


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int main()
    college student ={"james",

    printf("%s %s ", student.name);

thnx bro.but still that prints only the first name.second name is not .how can i print both the names?

you have to tell the program what names you want to print. Here is one way to do it

printf("%s ", student.name[0]);
printf("%s ", student.name[1]);

or this
printf("%s %s ", student.name[0], student.name[1]);

And here is another way

int i;
for(i = 0; i < 2; i++)
   printf("%s\n", student.name[i]);

ok.it is quite clear now.actually

 printf("%s %s ", student.name)

in this line "name" which is the array name refers to the the begining of the array.thats why it only prints the first name.now the concepts become clear to me.thnx

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