I am making an application that will solve a puzzle for me, but before i start designing the algorithm I need to capture that region of the screen, in order to reduce the time it would take to scan the whole PrimaryScreen for the objects I am looking for.

At the moment I am using the basic Bitmap screenshot method and can see that you can choose a region in which you want to capture in the decleration, the problem I am having is finding that region. One idea I had was to move the window into the corner of my screen so I can have an absolute X,Y every single time it is run, but I would still not be exactly sure how to do that. I need the image to come out in 24 BMP aswell as this is easier to use in miniture scale later on down the line.

Does anyone have any input on my idea, or another way of doing it that would be easier?

Thank you in advance

Put a transparent form over your existing form.
Select a region in the transparent form by handling some mousedown and mousemove and mouseup events. Handle this region in your original form and remove the transparant one. I had a project once that did that, if I can find it I will post it.

My ultimate end goal is to have a 3D Array of rectangles in which I can scan for the identity of that rectangle, I do not see your method helping towards that? If I am wrong, please do correct me!

Thanks though!