I'm coding a program for my school project and i have come across a very different problem!!

I was using graphics.h in my program... everything is running great.. even graphics are doing well... but after some time... that is after some input... the size of the text shrinks... and it shrinks after every command and in d end it is a block as if all the text is shrinked into a block... and even the program stops after the maximum shirnking.....

is dere some problem with the memory??
is it because of many function calls and storage... because it is a big project... around 1000 lines of codes...
is it because the memory is full..??

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Are you using Turbo C++? What version of MS-Windows are you using? The number of lines of code is not relevent. What is relevant is how much memory your program uses. Are you compiling with Large memory model? If not, try that and see if it helps.

How much memory can a compiler have ??
And should I calculate all the size of the variables used and d objects used??

I'm facing this problem n windows 7 and also win xp... Both...
And yes.. I'm using turbo c++ as my compiler

Large memory model programs can have at most about 640K (actually less because MS-DOS operating system consumes some of it), which is not very much. Small memory models are limited to 64K. You can check the memory size of your program with MS-Windows Task Manager. Here is a more complete explaination.

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