Here is a sample exam. What other kinds of questions do you think I could prepare before walking in there since all resources are permitted?

Write a single program which contains functions to do the following steps. Each of these
steps involve reading the file above and displaying some of its content in some form. Your
solution may use more functions than this to remove duplicate code where necessary.
1) Write a function that can display the contents of each line on the screen.
2) Write a function that outputs the 3rd line only.
3) Write a function that can display the contents of each line on the screen in reverse order.
4) Write a function that will output the 5th line only, with the characters reversed.
5) Write a function that will count how many words there are in the file and output the total

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Are you creating the exam or taking it?

Taking it of course!

I asked because inventing questions for an exam that you're going to take is absolutely nonsensical; the questions you come up with are extremely unlikely to be on the exam. It's also open book, so aside from knowing enough of the material to find details in your references, I fail to see how thinking up an unrelated practice exam could possibly improve your chances of passing the actual exam.

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