Dear members,

In a previous post I got useful tips to study C++ for game programming. I was using bloodshed Dev c++, but it had too many bugs. Now I use visual studio express 2010. But I can't get along with it. In bloodshed you had a blanco "page" and you can easily code and run it.. But in VS express 2010 I don't know with which project to open/start. I get confused by projects with source file, head file etc.. Neither do I know how to run I coded c++ "text".
I hope you people can help me.

Kareem Klas

When you first open VS2010 VC++ Express. The page that opens is called the start page. Here you can easily find out more on what is possible to do with VS. I know that a lot of the code will be beneath your knowledge level, but, it's a great way to learn the IDE. Basically what it boils down to is that, VS has several templates already made up according what your final project will look like. That would be your first step, figure out what kind of project you want go from there.

Thank you for your reply.
Well, actcually i dont know what IDE is. Does it have to do with DirectX?
About projects. I learn now things like:

#include <iostream> {}
 std::cout << "GAME OVER" << std::endl;
 return 0;

What project would you recommend?


Well... I found out that my new book( Beginning C++ trough game programming) recommends me to use VS express 2010 and tells me to use a win32 project. So my bad ( I never read the introduction section I'm book or not fully).


ok np. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environement. Basically that means you can do everything for your project from the same program. Bloodshed is and IDE for C++ and so is Visual Studio 2010 C++ Express. Any more questions don't be afraid to ask. If you're ok for now please mark this solved. Thank you