I have been using Qbasic 1.1 in MS DOS 6.22 PCs upto P4.

In view of the changing hardware scenerio, I wish to migrate to VB inside Windows 7 32 bit machines.

Should i rewrite all code in VB or can I import .bas files created in Qbasic 1.1 into vb, as can be done in QB64.

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Just a look at some code for Qbasic. While alot of the statements and functions are similar there are enough differences in syntax and structure you can expect to have to transpose by hand the QB code line by line to the VB code. It might be simpler to break down what your program does, and learn how to do that in VB.net. Especially since Qbasic is primarily a console interface and VB.net works great with a graphical interface. In this site there are quite a few posts about this here's a search page full of them

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