Can mobile phones run c++ compilers such as
borland and turbo?

If yes pls do tell where i can download them thanks

I think, there is one for android platform. Never tried it though, infact never found any point in using it. Just do a google play app store search for "C++ Compiler".

But the future seems good enough, now that windows 8 is going hybrid......

GCC works for many many architectures, certainly including most mobile phone or smart phone architectures (mostly ARM and x86). A friend of mine compiled Ubuntu (Linux) from source for his Nokia mobile phone (not a smart phone) (and was later able to compile robot control software (C++), allowing him to control our lab's robot with his cell phone). But, that's talking about really low-level stuff (i.e., opening up the cellphone, accessing the programming bus, and flashing cross-compiled programs into its EPROM).

The main problem is that this isn't easy unless you have an "official" way to do it. And that won't be the case unless you are talking about smart phones (Android, iOS, Windows). On Android, the preferred language is Java, via the Android Software Development Kit, but it also possible to use C / C++ via a cross-compilation with GCC (targetting ARM or x86) and using the Android Native Development Kit. On iOS, the preferred language is Objective-C, but it uses Xcode and compiles to native code, and thus, C and C++ can also be used, although you should expect to have to write wrappers and things like that in Objective-C, as the entire iOS platform features won't be available directly in C / C++. For Windows systems, including Windows 8, the native and preferred development language is C++ (with C# being second), so there shouldn't be any issue there.

borland and turbo?

No. Borland / Turbo C++ compilers are not going be able to do that. For one, they predate smart phones by about a decade. Second, they are terribly outdated. Third, they were never meant to support much of anything other than a Windows desktop.

The compilers used will be either GCC (all platforms imaginable), Clang-LLVM (iOS and OSX), or MSVC (Windows).

guys read this post

guys read this post

DOSBOX??? Well can't say exactly that the mobile is providing the evironment for the compilers..... Instead dosbox is creating one for them........

Yes! I have worked on it once, only to have it scrapped. Run one program, and your battery runs out like hell....... Mobile phones are not that good at virtualization, even if it is mere dosbox. It takes its toll...... And there is no guarantee that it will work for every handset.

Whole point of compilers for Mobile thing: Someone asked a geek, if "They can program on mobile?", geek scratches head and tells "Why not?". Then shows it works. And it over......
Nothing much productive can be done with it... Infact even tablets are a pain to program on......

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