plz i need a pascal prog which input 2 values,call dem A and B.print the value of the largest variable. (2)modify the prog above to accept 3 values A,B,C and print the largest.tanx.

Do you have any code of your own that we can build off of and assist you or do you want us to create it?

Actualy,am juz learning about it so am nt so good bt i belive you can help me create so as to have wider knowledge abt it..Tanx

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I used to do a bit of programming in Turbo Pascal but since Microsoft eliminated DOS I don't know how to set up the compiler in Windows XP or 7. Can anyone advise how I can continue to use Turbo Pascal? Thanks

Next time, post a new discussion thread, instead of replying to an unrelated one.

TP will still run in a DOS box, both on XP and Win7. If you want something newer, I suggest you check out Lazarus (FreePascal).