Alright Im new to this forum so lets hope this goes well, I have decided to learn Java and I started with the lwjgl, I have the exact class and code as posted here: lwjgl (display) When I run the code I get an error message that says:

JavaVM WARNING: JAWT_GetAWT must be called after loading a JVM

So, I did some research and found that if I add the code:


It might help, so I did, but java and my program both crash. I'm using mac osx, and I also read that you must have java 6 installed, but I have 7 and I don't know where to get it because the only download reference I found on the oracle website was that mac already comes with 6 installed. No download link. Is there a line of code or and import I would need to get a basic window set up?

I figured it out after a couple of hours. It turns out I dont need to install anything. I just click properties on my project and set the execution enviroment to SE 1.6.

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