can you help me by giving me some codes or program about item analysis using visual basic??

What do you mean by item analysis?

What kind of items are you wanting to analyze?

As for the code, we can't GIVE you code - We aren't a DO forum we are a HELP forum.

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an ITEM for an exam.. some what like.,analyzing an item if a teacher will retain, revise or reject the item.. if you have program!! please sent send it to my email.. <IAMLAZY@STUDENT.COM>.. thank you so much!!..

private help violates the rules. The idea is to let everyone benefit if they can from the help. If you have code that has a problem then you'll usually find plenty of help. If you need access to research material to start your code, you'll have to be more specific. And like was mentioned already, What kind of item?, What kind of analysis?, What level of programming knowledge?, etc. This is a great place, that will help those who help themselves.