Please any body explain the difference between VISUAL BASIC and What are the advantages over the other

Which is better?

VB6.0 is working and having the old version from microsoft.
And obviously The updates will have more changes than of the old version. uses the framework and we can target it so.
I use VB just for 2days but I get bored in it.
while having more feature than of earlier version...

VB.Net 2013 version has been released...
now a time I am using visual studio 2012 ultimate..
I prefer to download Latest Version...
Now go as per your choice....
Thank you

You mean VB.NET is in the Visual Studio 2012 ultimate ? Will it run in windows7? Is it full version,I mean, Can I create programmes using it and make exe files and install in other computers?
Where can I get it ?
Is it free ?

Excuse my silly questions.. I am new to this field.

Your advice will be appreciated. Thank you

Visual studio is the bunch of Visual Application
It includes: C#, C++ etc....
And yes, Visual Studio 2012 is going to work on Windows 7 (nt sure for 2013)
I am using 2012 Ultimate on Windows 7 Ultimate....
You can get Visual Studio from here
But I advice you to download the torrent as this is of 1.5GB
For more information you can contact me...

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I once read that VB.NET would have been called VB9.0

yes, 2008 is called vb9 2010 is vb10 2012 is vb11


Visual Basic is a proprietary Programming Language for Win32 API's, basically it can ONLY run on Microsoft products hence Window 95, 98, 98ME, 98SE, Window 2000, XP HE, XP Prof and suits of MS servers and vista. Visual Basic is Microsoft ways of writing application that can run on its application like Excel, power point Word document and access database. is a transition of the old visual basic language to object orientated coding, syntax is mostly the same (it would take most people at max about 2 weeks to transition)
Over all though is alot more powerful (and easier in regards to DB connections)

One doubt please, Whether Visual Studio 2012 ultimate will run on Windows XP

for this You must read minimum requirements...
untill i know it is working on windows 7 not XP...
for XP try: Visual Studio 2010 (vb10)
thank you


It doesn't matter what version of Visual studio you use (for backwards compatibility,) your VB.Net project runs on the .Net framework and you can target earlier versions of the .NET framework in your project. e.g. if I select a .Net Framework version of 4.0 then as long as the OS of the computer I run it on has .Net Framework 4.0 installed then it will work. As far as I know Windows XP can have .Net 4.0 framework on it Not sure about 4.5 though. Also, note you need to watch out for 64 bit verses 32 bit (again you can select under project compile options)

What is this 64bit and 32bit Will you please explain ? How can we know whether, one is 64bit or 32bit?

Some operating systems (mostly older) use a 32 bit architecture and others use a 64 bit one. If you are unsure, select Any CPU on the compile options.. 64 bit architecture can make better use of memory and support a higher memory on the client machine I think a 32 bit is limited to using about 4 GB of RAM on the client (even if more is installed)

Visual Basic 2012 Ultimate will not work on Windows XP sp3
Check Image:

The one good news for you dude:
Let the Visual Studio 2012 not work on your PC,
But the Visual Basic 2010 Express is working on the XP sp3...


my hard disk just get crash and I have to buy new HDD and the Seller install XP and so I tested 2012 Ultimate but not, so I try 2010 Express its working....
(visual studio 2010 ultimate/else) going to work on XP sp3

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