i connected and migrated all the things from access to mySQL (online) using free hosting on the net, when i make my simple program to .exe, then run it on different computer, its asking for some OCX and dll files... why is that happening? my .exe program run well on pc where i coded it... im so happy it was working well then when i coneverted to exe, its asking for many files, its inventory section is working well and connected, but those section using data controls and datagrid is not fetching any files and giving errors

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Your compiled program does not contain all the code that it uses. Most of the windows code is contained in DLLs and ocx files. When you deploy your program you might also have to deploy some (or all) the DLLs and ocs files.

Before doing anything, download a copy of dependency walker (link) to find out what DLLs and ocx your program uses. Then you will have to check the target computer to find out which ones it is missing. Be careful not to overwrite old DLLs on your computer with newer versions on the target computer. You need to do version check before installing your DLLs and OCX files. If you use an auto installer such as InstallShield it will most likely do all that for you.

As an alternative, check your compiler settings and see if it will statically link the DLLs and OCXs so that they are not needed on the target computer. But that will probably double the size of your program. I don't know if vb 6 has such an option or not.

Thank you for advice, it worked now after registering all dlls needed,

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