first of all, sorry if this thread is in the wrong section, but i think this is the most appropiate one
i need clear instructions for installing AND configuring QT for my machine(i am running windows 7 on 64bit)
i don't want other reference links unless they perfectly suit my situation as i spent over 8 hours wondering around the net and trying to get it done myself using indication from spread sources
i want to use the QT creator as the IDE for creating GUI application in C++. the thing is i don't want to install extra compilers and i want it configured with my Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 compiler for c++.
so, can some1 make a step by step guide for installing QT and configuring it to run using MSVC 2012?
thx in advance

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Maybe this works:

I have got the setup working on MSVC 2005, but never tried with 2012. So, i hope the above link helps.


i tried that already with no result, actually, the installation finished successfuly, but when trying to build with qt creator, it told me that i need to set a compiler and when i chose compiler from msvc it told me that "this compiler cannot procuduce code for this version of QT" or something like that. So.... yea

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