Hey guys,

I'm working on Ubuntu 10.04. I use Eclipse as my IDE, but now I want to install the Android ADT plugin for eclipse(as seen here). Now the thing is, that I don't have internet connection on the machine that has Eclipse running so I can't simply go to window>Install new Software>Add> and paste the URL (https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse/)...

Is there a way to download the plugin files from a machine with a connection, put it on a flash drive, plug it in the non-connected machine, and install the plugins manually?

Thanks in advance!

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Did you tried the troubleshooting option with manual download?

Hi Peter,

Sorry about that, yes I saw that you able to do that now. (Thanks for pointing that out), I still have a problem though. In Android you need to install atleast one Anroid platform. This is done in Eclipse via window>Android SDK and AVD Manager>...

And yet again, i need an internet connection. So the question this time then is: Is there a way to download an Anroid platform for an offline linux machine?

You can download SDK and as far I remember you should have some basic platforms Android 1.0, 1.1 and 1.5 if I'm not mistaken, but not the latest one. For that you would need internet connection and then execute tools/android update sdk from your SDK installation directory. So seriously you should consider get internet access for that machine. There is only so much you can learn from books and then you will need internet to search for solutions either way

Thanks agian, the SDK I downloaded didn't have the basic platforms like 1.0 etc on. On the Android site they mention that you have to download atleast one platform.. Anyways, after lots of "googling" i found this, which basically lets you download the platforms in zip folders.

Pretty damn handy...

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Well done! Feel free to add it to Starting mobile development [SDK / tutorials / resources / faq] on top of Mobile Development section

Thanks Dean, this thread of yours had successfully help me with my Eclipse Indigo JEE SR1 installation too.

Best Regards,

I've already installed the SDK and now I need the Eclipse plugin. However, it won't work. It gets to about 25-29% and hangs for a few minutes, then fails and I get this error message:

framdani86, are you installing the ADT plugin from within Eclipse? If not, could you please share how you are doing it.

You can do it by looking for the ADT.rar or ADT.zip (I'm not so sure, just check it out) thatyou downloaded. Then refer to that by clicking the local button, choose ADT.zip. Without you being connected to the Internet, you can install ADT.

Oh I'm sorry for resurrecting old thread. My apology.

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