Hi, I am given this assignment that should be run in Jython. The assignment says that the program consists of a Java application with a canvas and a textarea for turtle code. I need to create a Jython application that takes turtle code from the Java application, parses it with regular expressions and calls setPixel(x,y)
in the Java application to draw a rectangle. the Java program ,setPixel(x, y) is used to control the painting and getCode() to get the code entered in to the turtle code textarea. These methods are both defined in the DYPL Java class.

import Translater

class Jtrans(Translater):

    def __init__(self):

    def actionPerformed(self, event):
        print("Button clicked. Got event:")

    def move(self, x,y):
        move(50, 90) 
        move(100, 90)
        move(50, 90)
        move(100, 90)

    def put(self, x,y,a):
        put(150, 150, 0)
        for x in range(0,4): 
            move(50, 90)

        eval("self."+self.obj.getCode()+"()")#why do we need this?

    def setDYPL( self, obj ):
        print("Got a DYPL instance: ")

if __name__ == '__main__':
    import DYPL

I also attach a zip file containing classes like Translater.class,DYPLCanvas.java etc if you need it. so does anyone know how I should start?

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You are not using the parameters to methods of JTrans, but you are using magic constants instead. You can not use module as function like you are trying in line 35.

It is provided by my lecturer to create the canvas to draw on. When I run it , the cmd window does not give any error. and it also draw a line.

My assignment is to draw a face not a rectangle. the rectangle is just so that I can see an example of how the coding should be done because I am not used to programming using java application

yes I wrote it there. but as you can see no one responded

Thank you for the reply. The link above shows how an object use the method created in turtle classs. My assignment requires me to create my own Turtle class.

Hint ...
Your turtle class will use the Jython canvas, just like the Python module turtle uses the Tkinter canvas.

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