I can see methods in stdio.h, iostream, etc in Turbo C++. But I confuse now because now I try to use code::blocks. Thank you if you solve my problem

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I can see methods in stdio.h, iostream, etc in Turbo C++.

Please define the term "see". Do you mean that you are opening those header files and looking at their implementation? Do you mean that Turbo C++ has some help menus that list the standard functions? Do you mean that Turbo C++ can guess at the functions (from the standard) you want to use before you finish typing them (code completion)? I don't know what "see" means in this context.

If you need a set of reference documentation on all the standard functions, refer to: http://www.cplusplus.com/reference

If you need code completion, then CodeBlocks has reasonably good implementation of that. Make sure that it is turned on.

If you need to look at the implementation of those header files, well, they normally appear in the MinGW folder (either a sub-folder of CodeBlock's installation folder or as a separate installation (possibly directly in C:)), within that folder there should be one named "include" and it contains all the standard header files.

If it is something else you need, please define what you mean by "see".

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