hi guys. am new to this forum. i need help. pardon my english. i am making a project in c#dotnet on event management. its a window application. am using visual studio 2008 nd for db am using sql server 2005. in thi project following things should be included-
1 - student , faculty login page (done )
2 - create new events (like seminar, workshops) faculties involved in tht event, students involved in tht event ,students performance report, assignments given by faculties nd assignments completed or pending.
now help i need is i need to make a dashboard type GUI. am having hard time. in tht page if new event is created thn it should be shown on tht page like a big thumbnail. please help me. hw can i create such thing. (c# dot net windows application).

You need to subscribe to a C# code event. Maybe have a class called "EventManager" which contains a subscribable event called "EventCreated". When an event is created, the event manager will fire the event to all the subscribers and so you know a new event has been created.

How you handle that in your form is up to you. You say you want a "Dashboard"? Do you have a set of images you can use? There are some tutorials online for these if you mean you want a Carousel??